Wednesday, April 18

Hey you. Yeah, you, punk.

Your didn't file your tax return on time

And now I'm gonna blow your H&R Block off you no-good piece of dirt sonofabitch.

Unlike those pansies at the IRS, I'll give you a real deadline, dirtbag!

Me and my .375 Wildey Magnum are gonna audit your tax-evading delinquent ass.

The only refund you’re gonna get is an insurance check for a pine box. I hope you like deductions, because you’re in line for the ultimate write-off, you low-life slimeball maggot.

What’s that? You got people?

Well, good thing I got people killers, you sonofbitch.

Charles Bronson was an actor/vigilante and is currently guest commentator for The Heath Ledger. You can find out more about his life and viewpoints in his book, "Read My Book, You Sonofabitch!"